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Historical Events

Our archive is centred around events, take a look below at all the events we have catalogued to date, with more be added all the time.

A Norfolk Wedding by Janie Hampton


Just one hundred and ten years ago this month my grandmother, Rachel Gurney married Rosslyn Bruce at Northrepps in Norfolk. Rachel, aged 21, was the oldest daughter of untitled landed gentry, and Rosslyn, 37, the 7th child of a poor but well-connected vicar.

Church Service in 1973 for all those who married at St Mary's Church Northrepps

Front to back
Mr Louis and Mrs Marey Smith
Mr ? and Mrs Harriet Abbs
Mr Austin and Mrs Maud Fisher
Mr and Mrs ?
Can anyone fill in the blanks?(Thank you Darren Fisher for identifying your Grandparents)

Village Fetes

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