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Hill House

Hill House

Sometime between 1553-1606 – Hill House was built

From 1700’s – Owned by the Gurney family, used as accommodation for visitors and Estate workers

1891 Census for Hill House –
Henry Risebrow (43) Head of house - Gardener and domestic servent
Maria Risebrow (40) Wife – Caretaker
William Risebrow (19) Son – Harness Maker

1911 Census for Hill House -
William Walter Burdett (36)
Mary Ann Burdett (35)
Hilda Mary Burdett (13)
William Frank Burdett (10)
Leonard Valentine Burdett (8)
Nellie Rachel Burdett (5)
Walter Burdett (3)
Cora Marguerite Burdett (1)

1926 – Cecil Elizabeth Cambell died at Hill house

Date Unknown – Verily Anderson lived in Hill House

1977 – Sir Christopher White lived in Hill House

1978 - 4th January Fire gutted Hill House (Newspaper report)

1984 – Hill House rebuilt

In early 1978 there was a devastating fire which destroyed the fine old home. It was seen for miles around and numerous fire engines were needed to put it out. The water supply was poor. The site was sold at auction.

Clearing the rubble by hand and wheelbarrow uncovered a lot of the house’s history of cellars, smugglers hideyholes, changed doorways, buried medieval horseshoes, and window designs scratched into the ancient horsehair plaster. A real trip through history.

After clearing the rubble, like a phoenix,from the ashes arose the present Hill House. Beams, bricks and flints being recycled into a much loved family home in 1984.

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