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Sally Bean's House

Sally Bean's House

Dates when originally built in 1760, when rejuvenated for Verily Anderson in 1966, then extended in 2012 (Tina Hickling)

A smugglers tale

The charming village of Northrepps has an intriguing history, including tales of a notorious gang of smugglers. The group was led by a member of the prominent Summers family, known as 'Old Summers'. Local folklore recounts how the gang once bound the chief 'prevention' officer to a post while they disposed of their illegal goods.

Among the smugglers' allies was a local woman named Sally Bean, whose cottage on Shucks Hill near Forest Park is still named after her. From her cottage, Sally had a clear view of the countryside for 20 miles (32 km) to the south of the village, which allowed her to alert the smugglers to the presence of the 'prevention' men. Today, Sally Bean House stands as a testament to the village's fascinating history and provides a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and charm of Northrepps.

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